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Audition Notes

  • The finale songs are This is Me from The Greatest Showman and You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen, so please do not audition with those songs.

  • Group numbers have a better chance of getting chosen — we want to see as many of you onstage as possible, and collaboration sparks some of the best art.

  • Start rehearsing AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Auditions are less than a month away! Unprepared acts rarely get chosen.

  • Interpret the theme however you want. Don’t stick to the obvious, but make sure the theme is present somewhere within your piece.


Music director

Anyone interested in being a Music Director email Rebecca Hurson at rebeccahurson19@gmail.com by Wednesday, September 26th.

This Is Me: A Journey

The theme of this year’s Rising Stars is This is Me: A Journey. 

Everyone at LaGuardia is unique; we are all artists and students, but our individuality goes deeper than that. Show us what makes you special! How did you find that out about yourself? How has art made you who you are? What did you have to go through to become who you truly are? How did you find confidence to be yourself without fear? How do you celebrate your differences?

Rising Stars continues to be a memorable and meaningful tradition and production because of the students who bring all of themselves to the audition and the process. Don’t be afraid to take risks and push the boundaries. We want to see talents and ideas unique to you. Show us who you are!


Q. How well does my act have to fit the theme? 
A. We encourage all acts to try to formulate pieces that pertain to the theme as well as possible, however, we do not wish to discourage you from auditioning if it does not correlate perfectly. 

Q. What is the maximum number of acts I can be in?
A. You can only be featured in up to two acts, but you can be in several large group acts. This will be considered during your audition.

Q. What is a group leader?
A. A group leader is simply the person who will distribute information to the rest of the group. This person is not "in charge" necessarily, but they must be responsible and check their email regularly. YOU CAN NOT BE THE GROUP LEADER OF MORE THAN 1 ACT; this is especially important during auditions.

Q. Once I'm in, am I in for good, no matter what?
A. No, there will be a check-in. This is simply to make sure all acts have progressed since the audition. We are not looking to cut acts! 

Q. How many days will I have to be at school for this? 
A. After the audition, groups are expected to attend a few after-school rehearsals, which they will be able to schedule for their own availability, Check-ins (TBD) as well as a few tech days over regents week in January and performances. Inability to attend any of these may result in the cutting of your act. 

please contact

Rebecca Hurson



with any questions or concerns